Vertical gluing machine

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Key words:

Metering roller Direct combustion furnace

Product Description

01. Application field

Printed circuit board, multilayer board substrate, PCB substrate
02. Product features

1. Unwinding machine: substrate

non-deformation unwinding and semi-automatic fabric

2. Cloth connecting machine: automatic cloth cutting

3. Stocking machine: S-type tension automatic adjustment

4. Electrostatic precipitator device: eliminate static electricity and dust
of the substrate
5. Immersion treatment machine: divided into pre-impregnation machine, immersion machine, and measuring mechanism

6. Drying box: maximum temperature 250°C, five temperature control zones, one zone 5M, drying box length can be adjusted heating mode: hot oil heating

7. Discharging cooling and guiding machine: water cooling substrate to constant temperature

8. Slitting machine: automatic pruning and collecting substrate burr waste

9. Winder: automatic fabric

connection 03. Technical parameters

1. Applicable substrate: glass fiber cloth 1017, 1027, 1037, 106, 1080, 2116, 7628

2. Drying oven height: 10M

3. Roller surface width: 1500 mm 4. Substrate width: 1320 mm 5. Maximum unwinding diameter: 1100 mm

6. Maximum unwinding weight: 1000 kg 7. Maximum coiling diameter: 650 mm

8. Maximum coiling weight: 450 kg

9. Mechanical speed: 5~30 m/min

· Note: The height of the drying oven can be selected 7.5M, 10M, 12.5M, 15M


Vertical gluing machine refers to the substrate vertical through the oven gluing machine, FR-4 copper clad laminate production of glass cloth is plain cloth, there are many grids, the advantage of gluing with vertical gluing machine is, can ensure that the distribution of glue on both sides of the substrate is uniform, can ensure that the resin distribution on both sides of the prepreg sheet is uniform, so the vertical gluing machine is widely used for glass cloth substrate gluing. The vertical gluing machine system is generally composed of unwinding, cloth connection, cloth storage, dipping, vertical oven, drive, deflection, winding, etc. The oven of the ordinary vertical gluing machine is a double-channel structure, which has a rising section and a falling section, which passes through a set of top rollers at the top of the oven to convert the direction from vertical rising to vertical falling.

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