Dropping Hammer Viscometer

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Metering roller Direct combustion furnace

Product Description


Viscosity is a measure of friction in fluid materials and is one of the important physical and chemical indicators of fluid materials. In the field of compounding adhesives, viscosity measurement is an important means to control the production process, ensure product quality, save and develop energy. At present, there are many common methods for measuring viscosity: standard measuring cup measurement method, rotation method, falling method, plate method, etc.


How it works

Standard drop weight in the glue falling time to measure the viscosity size, equal distance and weight and volume of objects in the glue falling speed, relative movement caused by shear flow, calculate the glue viscosity, the principle is the same as the site with viscosity cup measurement a principle, the greater the viscosity, the longer the falling time, the smaller the viscosity, the shorter the falling time, when the falling time exceeds the viscosity seconds we set, the pneumatic ball valve on the solvent tube automatically opens to add solvent, until the viscosity value is lower than the set value, This ensures the viscosity of the glue.



Main configuration:

1. Standard drop weight (internal)

2. Lifting cylinder

3. Installation rod

4. Drop weight connecting rod

5. Level

6. Mount

7. Detection sensor


Drop weight viscometer



a. The drop weight viscometer needs to be cleaned with solvent after use to prevent the glue from solidifying and causing the drop weight to not be lifted, thus affecting the normal use of the next drop weight viscometer.

b. When installing the drop weight viscometer, it is necessary to ensure that it is vertical so as not to affect the accuracy of measuring viscosity



Drop weight viscometers are based on the same principle as measuring cups. However, the drop weight viscometer can effectively reduce the impact of the irritating odor of glue on workers when measuring viscosity in the use cup.

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