Mobile viscosity adjustment vehicle

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Key words:

Metering roller Direct combustion furnace

Product Description

Application areas

The mobile viscosity adjustment cart is used for automatic adjustment of the viscosity of the medium to meet the requirements of use. It is widely used in the viscosity control of glue in the PCB industry and the viscosity control of raw materials in coatings, fuels, inks, papermaking, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other industries.


Product features

1) Generalization

The whole system is installed on the mobile cart, mobile operation, resource sharing, cost reduction, improve customer efficiency.

2) High degree of automation

Select a viscosity sensor with high accuracy level to monitor the viscosity of the medium, compare the set value and detect the viscosity value online, and automatically control the amount of diluent added to ensure that the viscosity of the medium meets the requirements of use. The top of the viscosity tank is equipped with a frequency conversion electric agitator or pneumatic agitator, which can automatically adjust the stirring speed according to different process requirements and viscosity.

3) Simple operation

The mobile adhesive truck inlet and outlet reserved quick connection hose is docked with the load, which is convenient to connect and operate.


Technical parameters


Technical parameters

Product model


Overall dimensions (L×W×Hmm mm)

1800×1200×1800 (customized according to customer plant)



Inlet and outlet connection method

Wrench fittings, clamp fittings, threaded fittings, etc


Can be customized according to customer requirements


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