The company's products are metering rollers, glue adjustment systems, glue machines, direct combustion furnaces, self-priming powder homogenizers, viscosity adjustment systems, homogenizers, high shear kettles, RTO incinerators, waste gas incinerators, copper clad laminates, powders Conveying, high-speed dispersion emulsification, oven, filter, etc.

Key words:

Direct combustion furnace Metering roller

Product Description

01 Application areas

Printed circuit boards, multilayer board substrates, PCB substrates


02Product features

1. A set of tension system is set at the winding and unwinding, and the tension is independently controlled automatically (2 sets of tension system are independently controlled)

2. Set a cloth brake for each winding and unwinding, which is controlled by a one-way wheel to facilitate personnel to roll down

3. Set up a set of plasma wind electrostatic eliminator at each rewinding and unwinding place (more precise filtration to eliminate static electricity);

4. There is a light box in the middle over-cloth section to facilitate personnel to check whether the product is defective

5. Configure the servo guiding system, the curling edge is neat after rewinding, and there is no bad winding

6. Configure the coder, the length of the roll is accurate

7. The winding and unwinding gas shaft is made of aluminum alloy, and the tile type gas shaft is used to prevent winding creases


03. Technical parameters

1. Rewinding ability: 1027--7628 cloth PP rewinding, with forward and reverse function

2. Rewinding accuracy: ±1mm

3. Tension control at 3---40kg/cm2 (tension fluctuation controlled within 1kg)

4. The number of rolls is between 0-500 meters

5. The accuracy of the coiling length ± 0.5m

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