Small research and development vertical gluing machine

The company's products are metering rollers, glue adjustment systems, glue machines, direct combustion furnaces, self-priming powder homogenizers, viscosity adjustment systems, homogenizers, high shear kettles, RTO incinerators, waste gas incinerators, copper clad laminates, powders Conveying, high-speed dispersion emulsification, oven, filter, etc.

Key words:

Metering roller Direct combustion furnace

Product Description

Fields of application:

Widely used in PCB industry, printed circuit boards, multilayer substrate boards and new product research and development


How it works:

The substrate is actively unrolled by the unwinder, passed through the fabric receiver, and then temporarily stored by the cloth storage rack, and then impregnated by the pre-impregnation machine (optional) to the main dip machine, and dried by the vertical oven after immersion, and the cloth width is adjusted by the guiding machine to facilitate the winding or cutting after the winder.


Product Features:

Unwinder: active unwinding

Cloth connecting machine: automatic cloth leading, semi-automatic cloth connection

Oven: maximum temperature 280 °C, five-stage temperature control, 5 meters per section, oven height can be adjusted according to customer requirements

Heating method: hot kerosene heating, electric heating

Guiding machine: automatic correction

Winder: Automatic fabric winding


Technical parameters:

Substrate: glass fiber cloth 1017, 1027, 1037, 106, 1080, 2116, 7628

Oven height: 7.5M-15M adjustable

Barrel width: 1500mm

Substrate width: 0-1320mm

Maximum coiling diameter: 1100mm

Maximum coil weight: 1500KG

Maximum winding diameter: 700mm

Maximum winding weight: 500KG

Speed: 5-30M/min


Stand-alone configuration:

(1) Unwinder

(2) Cloth receiving machine

(3) Front storage rack

(4) Electrostatic precipitator

(5) Prepreg glue machine

(6) Main dipping machine

(7) Oven

(8) Crown wheel chamber

(9) Cooling and guiding machine

(10) Slitting machine

(11) Rear storage rack

(12) Winders


Product Application:

With the increasing production of copper clad laminates in China, the competition in the same industry is becoming more and more fierce, in order to get rid of the current fierce competition, reduce production costs need to expand new products, but the development of new products also conflicts with existing products in production, so new research and development equipment is required to provide this research and development demand. The small R&D vertical gluing machine has the characteristics of small land occupation, flexible application and low operating cost, which also provides good technical support from R&D to mass production, and has been widely used for this.

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