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Metering roller Direct combustion furnace

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Equipment introduction: unwinding machine is also called substrate unwinder. Automatic unwinding machine refers to all programming control from glass cloth unwinding to glass cloth jointing. For thin substrates, such as glass cloth below model 106, the glass cannot be manually pulled to the distribution table. Because these thin cloths will be deformed as long as the hand pulls hard, it must use an automatic dewinding device to automatically send the glass cloth to the receiving table. This automatic unwinding device has a set of active unwinding motors, so that the unwinding speed of the substrate is synchronized with the main production line, and the glass cloth is sent to the receiving table by the chain, and the opposite edge and cutting edge of the glass cloth are automatically completed to ensure that the warp and weft lines of the glass cloth to be joined can overlap. This point is an important guarantee for the quality of thin prepregs to meet the process requirements.

The method of actively feeding the substrate is adopted, so that the uncoiling speed of the substrate is synchronized with the main production line, so that the tension of the substrate is very low, and the thin substrate will not be deformed during the production process. Automatic uncoiling machine is only available in high-end gluing machines.

The uncoiling machine is divided into single-shaft type and double-shaft flip to unwind, and the single-shaft type is the base that supports the uncoiling and the coil to be uncoiled is fixed, and the cost is low. The double shaft turning is that the frame supporting the uncoiling and the coil to be unrolled can be rotated 360°, which is easy to operate.

Ordinary gluing machine, the tension adjustment when unwinding has a spring friction plate combination, and the unwinding tension is controlled by adjusting the pressure of the spring to the friction plate, and this adjustment cannot realize automatic tension adjustment; Air pressure friction plate combination, by adjusting the pressure of compressed air to air pressure friction plate to control the unwinding tension, this adjustment can realize automatic tension adjustment; The magnetic particle tension controller can also realize automatic tension adjustment. The structure of these tension controllers is relatively simple, in the process of unwinding, as the material roll gradually becomes smaller, the weight of the cloth roll gradually becomes lighter, and the cloth tension is gradually reduced.

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