Horizontal gluing machine

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Metering roller Direct combustion furnace

Product Description

1. Main performance characteristics:

1) The impregnated substrate of the dryer newly designed by our company after primary impregnation and secondary coating has no jitter during the full speed operation of the drying box fan.

2) For its inferior and poorly permeable finish paper, it can ensure the flatness of its impregnated paper.

3) The shearing system adopts servo control to ensure that the shearing accuracy is within ±1.0mm.

4) Working speed≥ 20m/min.


2. Composition structure:


Horizontal gluing machine


1 one uncoiler, 2 one paper machine: 3 - storage machine, 4 one printing machine: 5 one front tractor; 6—One-time gluing machine; 7 an oven, 8 a correction machine 9 a middle tractor 10-secondary gluing machine 11 - oven 12 a correction machine: 13-rear traction machine.14 shearing machine: 15 - conveyor, 15 a stacker gluing machine as long as it can meet the oven temperature required by the process, and the temperature of the drying oven cross-section is consistent, the speed control is accurate, the glue content of the glue material is the same, and the permeability is good, it can meet the requirements of the production process.


2.1. Paper loading device

After the impregnated paper is unrolled by the uncoiler, it can be heated and melted by the paper jointing machine to weld the self-adhesive tape or adhesive. After passing through the No. 1 feeding roller (driven by a variable speed motor) to the stocker, the storage machine acts as a reserve paper when the paper breaks or joints during the gluing process. The paper storage device enters the No. 2 feeding roller and runout roller after the printing machine to dehumidify the paper and strengthen the permeability and stably feed it into the impregnation device.


2.2. Impregnation device

The impregnation device is the key part of the gluing machine. There are two types of impregnation methods, namely single-sided impregnation (used as the first dip for the first and second glue) and double-sided impregnation. Single-sided impregnation is to use the different positions of its nearby tension roller to train the size of the wrapping angle of the whole paper and the primer roller, as well as the variable speed and forward and reverse direction of the primer roller to adjust the glue content of the resin. This single-sided impregnation method can effectively eliminate the air remaining in the paper fiber gap from a single direction (from bottom to top), and well complete the exchange process between low-molecular resin and air in this space to achieve the purpose of improving permeability. The initial dip (also known as primer) of the primary glue also adopts the method of single-sided gluing, which can make the paper immersed in a small part of the secondary resin, through the timing roller, leaving a longer time of penetration, and then enter the double-sided impregnation tank, which helps the uniform immersion of the secondary gluing resin. The impregnation device includes impregnation tanks, single coating rolls, timing rolls and metering rollers.


2.3 Metrology

After single coating of the impregnated material, after high-precision measuring legs (extrusion), extrusion penetrates into the fiber everywhere excess to ensure its uniform resin content, so the measurement in the manufacturing accuracy, shape and position tolerance, surface roughness and hardness wave have strict requirements, in order to reduce the wear in use, the measurement should also have high hardness and rubiability and sufficient stiffness, bearings and related adjustments have special structures and requirements, the two parallel extrusion in the secondary glue, is the mechanism for making the glue paper secondary tree glue content, The gap between the two pairs of silver can be moved down and mechanically moved, and the remaining resin is glued to the leg in order to be left in time, and a copper scraper with high abrasion resistance is installed on both sides of the leg. Some gluing machines also have a device for diluting about 3~5mm resin at both ends of the adhesive paper.


2.4 Drying method

Drag drying method This method is a more primitive drying method, impregnated paper is subject to large tension, coil heating temperature is uneven but simple structure, in low-grade products have applications, as shown in Figure 343 (2) This method in the process of immersion paper with air cushion heating, reduce tensile deformation, tension is smaller than the previous kind, but the oven temperature is not well controlled, so the general low-end products have applications, and manufacturing is also easier, as shown in Figure 34 (3) Air support floating method This method was introduced by Japan in 1985, At present, it has been widely used in the manufacture of horizontal gluing machine drying box. This method of impregnating paper is subject to very little tension, if the speed control is appropriate, the tension can be zero, and the temperature is easy to control, which is an ideal drying method. Because the impregnated paper has no contact with the nozzle, it is an air support floating type. At present, several large domestic copper clad laminate equipment manufacturing companies (Shanghai, Suzhou, Xi'an, etc.) produce horizontal gluing machines that use this method. Italy, Switzerland, West Germany, Japan and other countries also use this air support floating method, but each company has different designs in air ducts and nozzles.


2.5 Heating method of oven

(1) Steam heating steam through the radiator, the use of hot air circulation heating method is more common. This method is not thermally efficient, the drying oven temperature can only reach about 165 °C, early domestic gluing machine and the 20s of the 80th century Japan's "city gold gluing machine also used this method.

2) The principle of thermal oil heating is the same as steam heating, but the heat source is different. This method has high thermal efficiency, the temperature of the drying box can reach more than 180 °C, which has been widely used in the technical transformation of steam heating drying oven, and the drying box of the secondary gluing machine of the second gluing machine in Calachi, Switzerland in the 20s of the 90th century is hot oil heating type.


(3) Hot air heating Contemporary industrial production, more and more stringent environmental protection requirements, hot air heating method can increase the temperature of the drying box, and can make the exhaust gas fully burned after the use of its heat, at home and abroad has been applied this energy-saving and environmentally friendly drying box hot air heating method, as shown in Figure 346.


Horizontal gluing machine


3. Equipment highlights

1) The new drying oven, designed by Italian senior engineers, adopts new technology, with good paper feeding stability, high speed, low noise and heat insulation performance.

2) The frame is an open structure with a thick steel structure, which ensures the stability of the frame. High-precision metering rollers ensure the accuracy and service life of the coating;

3) The production line glues the paper head of the paper roll with the previous roll of paper tail without stopping to ensure that the joint is continuous, and quickly cut off the excess paper at the end of the paper with a cutter to achieve continuous non-stop operation.

4) The cooling water volume is large, the cooling effect is good, beautiful and does not drop the chain, and the waste caused by the paper break during the threading paper is reduced


4. Main parameters

Paper width

max1350 mm

Mechanical speed

0- 80 m/min

Working speed


Paper height above the ground

1250 mm

Production line model


Metering roll width

1500 mm     

Mechanical speed


Working height (paper height from the ground)

1250 mm

Heating method

Heat transfer fluid

Operating temperature

100-180°C (heat exchanger area approx. 1628m2)

Working speed

When the glue amount of 70 grams of titanium dioxide paper is 130%, the ≥ is 20m/min

Automatic temperature control

±1.0 ℃

Shear accuracy

±1.0 mm

Glue uniformity


Final volatiles


Operating temperature

10 ~ 40℃

Relative humidity (max)

90% (at 20°C)

Extrusion roller surface hardness

510 HP ~ 570 HP

Extrusion roller surface hardness

150 A ~ 200 UM

Roll surface roughness






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