Self-priming powder homogenizer

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Product Description

Introduction to the device

Self-priming powder homogenizer is suitable for continuous production of liquid slurry, where a variety of powder fillers need to be added in batches, and the powder can be quickly dissolved in the liquid, and the homogenized slurry can be quickly sheared. The equipment takes into account the role of powder feeding and homogenization, and is used for two purposes.

In the process of mixing ingredients, when the high shear circulates the material outside the pipeline, the powerful vacuum generated when the designed working head rotates at high speed is used to quickly suck the powder into the working chamber through the hose and make instant contact with the glue, and under the high-frequency mixing and shearing of the stator and rotor, the powder is completely dispersed and depolymerized and homogeneous.



Safety: Change the traditional manual powder feeding operation mode and vacuum conveying mode, and solve the risk of electrostatic flash explosion of conveyed powder.

High efficiency: change the traditional mixing method in the kettle, the powder is difficult to mix the slurry, the shear in the kettle in a short time can not ensure complete and complete depolymerization and homogenization, the powder absorption efficiency can reach 15min/ton, the powder directly through the working cavity and the slurry for rapid mixing and shear homogenization, greatly improving the efficiency of batching.

Flexibility: According to the process process, a variety of powder fillers can be flexibly added in batches, which solves the situation that the powder is easy to remain and the powder dosage is inaccurate during vacuum transportation, and the mutual contamination between different powders is avoided.

Environmental protection: change the traditional manual powder feeding method, solve the problems of powder flying, environmental pollution, and labor safety insecurity when powdering

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