High speed shear emulsifier

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Product Description

High-speed shear emulsifier is one of the most widely used models in the emulsifier series, its core component is the high-shear mixing impeller, and the mixing impeller is assembled on the fixed bracket; The overall equipment can be placed on the reactor, which can meet the needs of different production processes and can produce mixed products with high difficulty in emulsification; It is suitable for simple operation in multiple open vessels, and can independently complete mixing, emulsification, etc. on different containers.

●Double rolling bearing, the equipment runs more smoothly, avoiding the influence that metal friction may have on the material;

●Two-way suction to make the mixing and emulsification of materials more complete and thorough;

●Nano metal spray painting, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, make the appearance of the equipment more beautiful;

●Mesh stator, large shear rate, good effect.

●The working range can be customized according to the minimum amount of glue dispensing to meet the minimum amount of glue required by customers;

●According to the proportion of adjusting materials, the emulsifier and blade hardness matching the power can be customized;

●According to the working range of glue, the emulsifier matching the power can be customized.



List of parameters


serial number Model Power (KW) Speed (RPM) The volume of the kettle (㎡)
1 THR-CX500 3-5.5 1500-3000 0.5
2 THR-CX1500 7.5-11 1500-3000 0.5-0.9
3 THR-CX3000 15-18.5 1500 0.5-0.9
4 THR-CX5000 22-30 1500 3-5
5 THR-CX6000 37 1500 6-11
6 THR-CX8000 45 1500 12-16

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